Electric Car Charging- What you need to know!


There’s no question about it, electric vehicles are the future for the sustainability of our environment and now they are more affordable this provides normal families with the possibility to contribute to reducing global emissions. This is a global concern, however there are more benefits to the individual than you may think, so lets take a look;


How much does it all cost?


The initial cost:

If you use a certified, electric vehicle charging (EVC) approved contractor then they can claim a grant on your behalf from the government to the sum of £500 (inc. VAT). This is called the OLEV Grant.

A home charging point costs around £595 + VAT installed with the help of the government OLEV grant.

Cost on the road:

Once installed, you simply pay for the electricity you use to charge. The typical overnight electricity rate in the UK is 10p per kWh. Taking advantage of the economy 7 rates also ensures your battery is fully charged in the morning fpor the day ahead.

Based on this, the cost of driving an electric car on the road is around 2p per mile. This means EV drivers can save an amazing £1,000 a year when compared to driving anaverage petrol or diesel car (which costs 15p per mile). If you apply this saving to the initial installation cost, you will still have saved £400, and that’s only in the first year!


Electric cars and some plug-in hybrids are exempt from road tax, London congestion charge and Benefit in Kind tax (if a company car). This makes plug-in cars extremely economical when combined with low running costs.


Below we’ve included a table to show typical charging needs for you to easily work out how your daily commute can cost pennies!

Tip: Most domestic properties have single phase power which means the maximum charging rate is 7kW this is more than enough for a typical families needs. While faster charge points are available (such as a 22kW unit), these are usually found in commercial properties where there is a three phase power supply.

Electric Car Range:
3.7kW 7kW 22kW
Charging speed: 15 miles of range per hour 30 miles of range per hour 80 miles of range per hour
Required power supply: Single phase (Domestic) Single phase (Domestic) Three phase (Commercial)
OLEV grant eligibility: Eligible Eligible Eligible
Typical installed cost: £595 £695 £1,595



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