Every person wants his or her family members and properties safe. Due to the increased rate of burglary, there is the need to go a step ahead to protect your family and property. You need to have some mechanisms to protect your home from intruders. Below are some of the tips that will help you protect your home from intruders.

  1. Using CCTV. (If you are in the North West of the UK we can do this for you – Electrician Manchester). Having security cameras are an added protection layer. There is no intruder with a bad intention will come to your home when he or she knows that you have installed security cameras. He or she is aware that whatever he is going to do will be recorded and used as evidence to have him jailed. CCTV can help you monitor your home even when you are far from home. When an intruder comes in you will be able to tell whom he or she even without him knowing since these cameras are installed in strategic places. For you to have the security cameras working efficiently you should not disclose their location to your neighbors and other people who aren’t your family members. When an intruder gets to know where the camera is he or she may destroy it or even cover it to make sure that he or she will not be captured. CCTV can also help you monitor your home when you are far.
  2. Using alarms. Installing alarms in your home is a great idea to cope with intruders. The alarms are accompanied by motion detectors. Alarms can be installed at your entry points such as your door or gate. The motion sensors detect any human around this points the alarm starts ringing. Some sensors are programmed to be able to differentiate between a human being and a pet. When an intruder is detected some security systems are set to raise an alarm to the police and others to your service providers. You should have an alarm switch at your house connected to your security service provider or police when you see an intruder you should immediately press the alarm button to alert either the police or your service providers for help. You can also call directly using your cell phone to your service provider or police since some intruders can disable your security system.
  3. Use motion detecting lights. Many intruders tend to invade homes at nights since they can’t be seen. These lights should be installed outside your house mostly at the gate. When an intruder has detected the lights switch on or increases it’s brightness if it was dim. These light will scare away intruders since they are always hiding and they never want anyone to see them. These lights should be programmed to differentiate between your pets from other intruders.
  4. Use door and windows sensors. Window sensors are sensitive to glass break. These sensors should be connected to your security system such that when a window or door is broken your alarm may start ringing or the police or your security service providers are alerted.

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