Industrial Services

CCTV Installations

At Bright Sparks Electrical, we have skilled professionals ready to install your security camera system. Our extensive product knowledge and industry expertise means we’re able to advise on the right system for you too. We provide and install systems to protect commercial, retail, and domestic property. Whether you want a single camera or a system with multiple cameras, remote viewing via a desktop/mobile app or a system upgrade – use us and the job will be done to perfection & you will never spend more than you have to. All the equipment we supply is of the best quality, HD and has a minimum 1 week backup of footage. Our CCTV video surveillance systems are 100% reliable, easy to use, and provide images for review that are crystal clear. Contact us today for affordable CCTV installations for your home or business. Read more about our domestic electrical services here

Fire and Security Alarms

At Bright Sparks Electrical, we provide and install a comprehensive range of fire detection and security alarms to cater for the various needs of our clients.. Our services are cost-effective and reliable. Whether its wired or wireless, each of our systems is designed to suit the particular environment in which they operate, and our expert fire and security alarm installers will advise you on the system that is most suitable for your needs. If you’re searching for the best Manchester electricians to install your fire and security alarms, we have the most experienced technicians on hand, ready to help you with every aspect of your fire and security alarm project. Call us today to schedule a visit from our electricians.

3 Phase Machinery

3 phase systems and circuits allow for a more varied working platform for your company and the equipment in you warehouse or factory. This type of power is also used to power heavy loads like large motors and gives a higher demand threshold for your installation. We are experts in providing and installing 3 phase distribution equipment. We can design and wire new 3 phase circuits connecting 3 phase machinery in a way that is both safe and economical. Our team is available to provide you with three-phase service installations for all your needs. Expertly trained electricians will be able to advise you on the best solution to ensure that your 3 phase machinery is safe to use and runs smoothly. Get in touch with our one of our electricians today to find out how we can be of service.

Generator Installations

Bright Sparks Electrical provides generator installation services at affordable prices. We arrange the rental, delivery and installation of your generator, offering all the mechanical and electrical works that are required. Once the generator is installed and commissioned, we also provide end-user training to ensure that the customer knows exactly how to operate the generator controls safely and effectively.
When you hire us for your generator installations you receive the best customer service that we can provide. We work closely with you from the start to ensure that the generator is installed to your specifications and in a timely manner. Our process is designed so that the disruption to your business is minimal. Speak to one of our generator installers to discuss your requirements.

Industrial/Warehouse Lighting

We have over 7 years of experience installing industry-leading industrial and warehouse lighting systems across the Northwest of England. Our electricians are expertly trained in the latest innovative technologies and use only the best lighting installation techniques. We take the time to analyse the ideal warehouse lighting system for your industrial property. Our experts conduct an onsite survey during which they assess and outline a lighting system that is tailored to your specific needs. We have experience setting up a wide range of lighting systems and we’re fully equipped to take care of all your industrial or warehouse lighting requirements. Get in touch today to get the best lighting solution for your needs.

Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Lighting accounts for up to 20% of the electricity use of a commercial building which is why you need efficient commercial lighting control systems that can help you reduce energy waste. We provide the appropriate controls, sensors, user interfaces, and the power and communication network essential for efficient lighting installation. When you enlist our services to install your commercial lighting control systems, you not only ensure the convenience and comfort of everyone in the building, but you also ensure that you meet regulatory requirements and save energy in the process. Speak to one of our expert electricians today to find the best solution for your commercial lighting needs.

Site 110 Volt Transformer Installs

If you need to install a 110 Volt transformer on your site, we’re the people to call. Our team of experienced electricians will install 10kVA transformers on your site to provide a 110V RLV supply for temporary lighting and power tools. When installing a power transformer on site, it’s important to have the best electricians on hand to perform the installation, testing, and various other procedures to ensure successful operation. Our transformers are of the highest quality which means that you can rely on them to work properly for as long as you need them. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you with your site 110 Volt transformer installation.

110 Volt Transformer Rentals

At Bright Sparks Electrical, we have transformer rental solutions to meet your needs. We have 110 Volt transformers available for rental at a moment’s notice anywhere in the areas of Northwest England. If you need to create output that is different from the standard voltage, we have a solution for you. Whether you need to rent a transformer for seasonal changes in power demands or to make up for sudden or planned power cuts in your area, our solution is perfect for every occasion. Our service is reliable and prompt and all our equipment is of the best standards. Call your local electrician Manchester today to rent a 110 Volt transformer from us at very reasonable prices.