It might sound off-the-mark but if

you want to know some of the best things to do in Manchester, you don’t
necessarily have to consult a travel agent. Spare the money. Why not listen to
an electrician. This is my profession and to tell you the truth, I have
traveled the width and breadth of this city in my numerous electrician
assignments. In the process, I have across some of the best things to do in
Manchester (UK). Let me take you through
a brief description of these things here.


See Old Railway Technology at the Museum of Science and Industry


Visit this unique museum in the heart
of Manchester. Here you get to see some old technologies that you might only
have seen in movies. I am talking about the oldest surviving passenger railway
station in the world. Here too you come face to face with the first railway
warehouse tracing its history to 1830. Daily exhibitions bring this museum’s
world-class collection of industrial machinery and textiles are also some
things to marvel at here.

Eat and Drink at Manchester House Restaurant


If you have a taste for molecular
cuisine with a Manchester twist, visit this restaurant atop a’60-are tower. The
chef here, Nathanial Tofan, is more than talented in offering a simplified
version of Adria and Blumenthal but without any compromise on the taste of the
delicacies. The menu here is constantly changing but it’s simply exceptional.
For sure, this is one of the best places to have your meals in the northwest.


Attend Live Music Performances


Manchester’s musical legacy is one of
the best in the world. Whatever pleases your musical palate is most probably
found here. You can sample some of the best live music events to bathe your
ears in with the sweet melodious tunes flowing from these concerts. Why not
visit venues such as Band on the Wall for live music from folk to reggae to
rock. Other venues include; Albert Hall,
Gorilla and Islington Mill
among other favorite musical joints. Each of
these venues has something unique about it.


See some Interesting Sea Life

You can decide to get up close and

personal with more than 5,000 sea creatures in Manchester. You will hardly get another place where you
can come so close to a starfish, feel a crab’s shell or stroke a sea anemone
the in Manchester. Where exactly can you do all these and more? With some 30 display tanks, the Sea Life Manchester is the spot for fans of marine life.

Sample the Best of British and International Fine Art

The Whitworth Art Gallery is the

place to go for art enthusiasts. This beautiful art gallery features
exhibitions of works by some of the world’s best artists. Enjoy the eclectic
exhibitions from its internationally rated collection of uniquely British
watercolors, wallpapers, textiles and fine art. It’s no wonder that this
gallery has become one of Manchester’s must-see cultural destinations.

Visit the National Football Museum


For sports fans especially football
fans this is must-visit. This museum covers everything you would want to know
about Britain’s sport. Built in the impressive Urbis building right in the city
center, the museum features a range of attractions and displays covering
virtually everything from the history of the game to the effect that media has
on this immensely popular game. You don’t just have to be a passive observer.
There are numerous activities you can try your hand and even foot on. Why not
try your foot in a penalty shoot-out.


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